Dustbane Chemicals

The Leadership Team

John M. French, FCA
Phone: 613-745-6861 EXT. 214
Email: jfrench@dustbane.ca

Benjamin Merkley
Phone: 613-745-6861 EXT. 210
Email: bmerkley@dustbane.ca

Executive Vice-President
David French
Phone: 613-745-6861 EXT. 291
Email: dfrench@dustbane.ca

Senior Vice-President
Marc Galarneau
Phone: 613-745-6861 EXT. 323
Email: mgalarneau@dustbane.ca

Vice-President, Sales
Shannon Hall, CSP
Phone: 613-745-6861 EXT. 266
Email: shall@dustbane.ca

General Manager, Operations
Mario Castillo, P.Eng.
Phone: 613-745-6861 EXT. 236
Email: mcastillo@dustbane.ca


Director of Finance
Dan Cassidy, CPA, CMA
Phone: 613-745-6861 EXT. 220
Email: dcassidy@dustbane.ca

Our Sales Team

Our Sales Team

Leigh Johnston
Phone: 403-462-1223
Email: ljohnston@dustbane.ca 

Allan Rennebohm
Phone: 403-461-1999 
Email: arennebohm@dustbane.ca 

GTA Area Ontario 
Cam Carnegie
Phone: 905-243-3586 
Email: ccarnegie@dustbane.ca

Eastern and Northern Ontario 
Peter Forster
Phone: 613-859-0081 
Email: pforster@dustbane.ca 

South Western Ontario
Ramon Cue
Phone: 905-301-3792 
Email: rcue@dustbane.ca 

Martin Lalonde
Phone: 514-236-0529 
Email: mlalonde@dustbane.ca 

Saskatchewan and Atlantic Canada 
Allan Foley
Phone: 506-444-1966 
Email: afoley@dustbane.ca 

British Columbia 
Tim Robertshaw
Phone: 604-787-1409
Email: trobertshaw@dustbane.ca  

Our Service Team

Our Service Team

Customer Experience Coordinator 
Lynne Patry 
Phone: 613-745-6861 EXT. 332 
Email: lpatry@dustbane.ca 

Melanie Roy 
Phone: 613-745-6861 EXT. 286 
Email: mroy@dustbane.ca 

Marketing Specialist 
Amélie Bérubé 
Phone: 613-745-6861 EXT. 288 
Email: aberube@dustbane.ca

Chloë Benoit
Phone: 613-745-6861 EXT. 257 
Email: cbenoit@dustbane.ca