Our Team

We communicate, we support, and we work together to meet all your needs.

Leadership Team


Benjamin Merkley




Marc Galarneau

Senior Vice-President



Shannon Hall, CSP, CSL

Vice-President of Sales



Dan Cassidy, CPA, CMA

Vice-President of Finance



Alex Brucciani

Vice-President of Business Development



Sam Desai, CCLP

General Manager of Operations


Sales Team


Allan Foley

Regional Sales Manager

Atlantic Canada



Martin Lalonde

Regional Sales Manager




Joanne Picozzi, CSP

Regional Sales Manager

Eastern & Northern Ontario



Kalin Barham

Regional Sales Manager




Tim Robertshaw, CSP

Regional Sales Manager

British Columbia/Prairies



Ginelly Medina

Sales Operations Specialist


Client Services & Marketing Team


Amélie Bérubé

Marketing Specialist



Rachel Woodcock

Marketing Specialist



Denise St. Louis

Customer Experience Administrator



Tashia Robley

Customer Experience Coordinator