Our Partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects

The world is home to approximately three trillion trees, with the bulk of them living in tropical and subtropical rainforests.

Trees are essential to human life, wildlife, preserving, and improving the health of our planet. Trees provide us with countless benefits that humans take for granted. They produce nearly one third of Earth’s oxygen, create habitats for wildlife, store carbon, and more. They’re the source of a number of materials we use daily.

It’s important that we look at tree planting like a responsibility: if we want to maintain a healthy living environment for the present and future generations is it something we must take seriously.

About Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Forestation Projects work in countries throughout the world where forests have been destroyed, or there is a severe poverty crisis. Civilians living in poverty are hired by Eden to plant and manage the trees, thus employing those in need and allowing them to provide for their families as stated in their slogan: Plant Trees, Save Lives.

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We have decided to plant trees in Madagascar because its tree population is one of the lowest worldwide. Only 27% of the country is forest area, whereas the global average is between 30-60%. A severe lack of trees can cause flooding and severe erosion from abolished rainforests, forcing villagers to evacuate their homes or resort to poor and unsafe living conditions.

There are unique animals that are native to Madagascar and don’t live anywhere else on the planet. If their habitats are corrupted, we are at risk of putting 200,000 different species on the path to extinction. Only 10% of Madagascar’s original forests remain today.


How You Can Help

Dustbane has partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects with a promise to plant a tree for every eligible ECOLOGO® Certified hard surface cleaner sold. Our ECOLOGO® Certified products meet or exceed each of the listed criteria of the ECOLOGO® program. The program identifies products that have undergone rigorous scientific testing to prove their compliance with environmental performance standards.

There are currently 7 different products that this program applies to. We want to continue our sustainability mission and make all efforts to reduce our environmental footprint as well as encourage our customers to do so as well. It’s important that we work together to restore these forests and provide a sustainable future for all human life.

Our goal is to plant 1 million trees by 2025! Join us on our journey to a sustainable future. Together we can create a greener tomorrow!

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