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Have you ever wondered how degreasers work? It’s all about chemistry! A degreaser is alkaline (base) and grease is acidic. A degreaser neutralizes the pH of the grease, causing it to fall apart (dissociate) and be more easily wiped up.

Power Kleen 750Ml 53220 New

Power Kleen RTU

Cleaner & Degreaser

Power Lift 4L 51359

Power Lift

Industrial Degreaser

Power Wash 4L 51369

Power Wash

Pressure Wash Concentrate

Resolve 5L 53209


Cleaner & Degreaser

Triple Action Multi Wipes 53376

Triple Action Multi

Cleaner, Degreaser & Disinfectant

Triple action RTU 51345 new

Triple Action RTU

Cleaner, Degreaser & Disinfectant