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Since 1908, at Dustbane we have remained steadfast in our mission to provide effective cleaning products and solutions that tread lightly on the planet.

We go beyond product excellence by helping our partners reduce their ecological footprint through green cleaning programs, limiting plastic consumption through our concentrates, incorporating mentorship, prioritizing the health and safety of end-users, and introducing innovative initiatives like 'Buy 1 We Plant 1' and 'Acts of Kindness'.

Join the journey towards a cleaner, greener and
more compassionate world 🌍


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Customer Reviews on Dustbane's Exceptional Cleaning Products

“Our staff feedback about the products has indicated that they are extremely happy... we have made the correct choice for our sanitation products in our facility.”


— Donald

“The results speak for themselves. Trials, training and seminars ensured and showed that the products not only work but are cost-effective as well.”


— Stephen

“The Floor Care System is exceptional and also the support of the Manufacturer and Distributor in assisting with the process of Greening our campus.”


— Steve