Disposable Microfiber Pad Bundle (20 Pads)

Microfiber Attachment For One-time Use

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When cleaning high-risk contaminated areas, the more fool-proof method to avoid cross-contamination is to forgo reusable cloths altogether and opt for disposable pads that can be discarded after each use.

This Disposable Microfiber Pad for use with Doodle Mop addresses this concern most accurately.

It effectively removes soil, biofilm, and other contaminants and can be disposed of after use to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between hospital rooms and different floors. The mop head is, however, continuously used from room to room.

Format Code
Disposable Microfiber Pad Bundle (20 Pads) SSP0516DMF

Dimensions 18" x 6"
Material Microfiber
Quantity 20 / Box
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