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Dri-Foam's innovative formula boasts a unique blend of cleaning agents that work harmoniously to penetrate deep into carpet fibers. Stubborn stains, dirt, and grime are effortlessly lifted away, revealing the true beauty of your carpets

The effective cleaning action of Dri-Foam can help restore the appearance of carpets, making them look fresher and brighter.

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How To Use

Using Dustbane's Dri-Foam with a rotary carpet cleaner involves a series of steps to ensure effective and thorough cleaning. Here's a general guide on how to use Dri-Foam with a rotary carpet cleaner:

**Materials Needed:**

- Dustbane's Dri-Foam carpet cleaner

- Rotary carpet cleaning machine with appropriate brushes or pads

- Vacuum cleaner (for pre-vacuuming)


1. **Preparation:**

- Begin by thoroughly vacuuming the carpeted area to remove loose dirt, debris, and dust. This step ensures that the Dri-Foam can work more effectively on embedded dirt and stains.

2. **Dilution and Mixing (if necessary):**

- Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the Dri-Foam product label to determine the appropriate dilution ratio if the product requires dilution. Mix the product and water as instructed.

3. **Application:**

- Fill the solution tank of the rotary carpet cleaner with the properly diluted Dri-Foam solution.

4. **Setting Up the Rotary Cleaner:**

- Depending on the type of rotary carpet cleaner you're using, attach the appropriate brushes or pads. The machine's brushes or pads will agitate the Dri-Foam solution into the carpet fibers.

5. **Application of Dri-Foam:**

- Start by selecting a small, inconspicuous area of the carpet to test the solution's compatibility and potential colorfastness. This ensures that the Dri-Foam doesn't cause any adverse effects on the carpet.

- Once the test area is successful, start the rotary carpet cleaner and begin applying the Dri-Foam solution to the carpet. Work in manageable sections, moving the machine in overlapping passes to ensure even coverage.

- The brushes or pads of the rotary cleaner will agitate the Dri-Foam solution into the carpet fibers, helping to dislodge dirt and stains.

6. **Agitation and Dwell Time:**

- Allow the Dri-Foam solution to dwell on the carpet for the recommended amount of time, usually a few minutes. This gives the cleaning agents time to break down dirt and stains.

7. **Extraction:**

- After the dwell time, switch the rotary cleaner to its extraction mode. This involves using the machine to extract the Dri-Foam solution, along with the loosened dirt and stains, from the carpet fibers.

8. **Repeat if Necessary:**

- For heavily soiled areas, you may need to repeat the application and extraction process to achieve the desired level of cleanliness.

9. **Drying:**

- The low moisture nature of Dri-Foam means that carpets should dry relatively quickly. However, it's a good idea to use fans or open windows to expedite the drying process further.

10. **Final Vacuuming (Optional):**

- After the carpet has dried, you can perform a final vacuuming to remove any remaining residue or debris that might have surfaced during the cleaning process.

Always refer to the specific product instructions provided by Dustbane for the most accurate and up-to-date guidance on using Dri-Foam with a rotary carpet cleaner. If you're not experienced with carpet cleaning equipment, it's advisable to consult professionals or seek training before attempting to use the equipment and products on your own.

Recommended Dilution Rates

Light Soil 1:50
Medium Soil 1:30
Heavy Soil 1:20
Upholstery 1:15

Where To Use

Dri-Foam can be used in households to clean carpets in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and other areas where carpets are present. Use in common areas, conference rooms, and office spaces to ensure carpets remain clean.

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  • Dri Foam
Colour Colourless
Odour Fruity
pH 9.5 - 10.5
Viscosity Not Determined
Solvents No
Phosphates No
Heated Freight Yes
TDG Regulated No
Shelf Life Up to 3 years after manufacturing


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