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DB Series

The single-use plastic ban in Canada has made customers search for cleaning solutions with a reduced environmental impact and that produce less waste. Because of this initiative, Dustbane’s product offering has been continuously evolving so we can work with our customers towards a greener future.

Now, we’re taking a new, more sustainable approach to heavy-duty cleaning. The DB Series offers a full lineup of commercial and industrial vacuums manufactured with up to 75% recycled plastic. These new eco-friendly vacuums have been created with high quality recycled plastic, promoting sustainable development and environmental protection. The same quality and lifespan as standard vacuums but with a greener commitment, here to help you get the job done.

DB 24 75p Recycled Plastic


24 Gal Wet/Dry Industrial Vacuum

DB24 FMS 75p Recycled Plastic


24 Gal Wet/Dry Vacuum with Front Mount Squeegee

DB3 75p Recycled Plastic


3 Gal Dry Canister Vacuum

DB 4 75p Recycled Plastic


4 Gal Dry Commercial Vacuum

DB 7 75p Recycled Plastic


7 Gal Wet/Dry Canister Vacuum