Stainless Steel Wipes

Water-based Streak-free Polishing


Introducing Dustbane's innovative Water-Based Stainless Steel Wipes - the ultimate solution for effortlessly cleaning and maintaining stainless steel surfaces. Specially formulated with a water-based cleaning solution, these wipes offer powerful cleaning performance while being gentle on surfaces and safe for the environment.

Pre-moistened and ready to use for streak-free shine. They effectively dissolve and lift away smudges, fingerprints, light stains and even food spills without leaving streaks or residue behind.

Ideal for use on stainless steel appliances, fixtures, range hoods, sinks, faucets, countertops, and other surfaces commonly found in commercial kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial settings. Can work with other metals including silver, brass, chrome and copper.

Key Features:

  • Water-Based Formula: Formulated with water as the primary solvent, these wipes effectively dissolve and lift away smudges, fingerprints, and light stains without leaving streaks or residue behind.
  • Streak-Free Shine: Achieve a streak-free shine on stainless steel surfaces, leaving them looking clean and polished with minimal effort.
  • Convenient Wipe Format: Each wipe is pre-moistened and ready to use, offering convenience and ease of use for quick cleaning in fast-paced commercial settings.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made with environmentally conscious ingredients, these wipes are safer for the environment and less likely to cause skin irritation.

Approvals & Certifications
  • Cert Whmis
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Format Code
70 Wipes 53380

How To Use

  1. Remove one wipe from the container.
  2. Wipe the stainless steel surface in a gentle, circular motion until clean.
  3. For stubborn stains or larger surfaces, use additional wipes as needed.
  4. Allow the surface to air dry for a streak-free shine.
  5. Buff with a paper towel to achieve a brilliant shine.
  6. Wash hands after use and avoid contact with plastic and glass.

*Not intended for use on Food Contact Surfaces.

Where To Use

Commercial Kitchens and Food Service: Ideal for quickly cleaning and maintaining appliances like refrigerators, ovens, sinks, and prep tables, ensuring they remain hygienic and presentable in a busy food service environment.

Elevators in Buildings and Commercial Spaces: From elevator doors and handrails to restroom fixtures and lobby accents, these wipes offer a convenient solution for janitorial staff to quickly clean and polish these surfaces, enhancing the overall appearance of the facility for employees, clients, and visitors.

Retail Stores and Shopping Centers: Can be used to quickly clean displays, shelving, and signage, helping retail staff to maintain a clean and attractive store environment.

Equipment in Gyms and Fitness Centers: Ideal for efficiently removing dirt, sweat, and germs from stainless steel surfaces like exercise equipment, handrails, and fixtures in gyms.

Hotels and Hospitality: A convenient option for housekeeping staff to quickly clean and polish stainless steel fixtures, appliances, and furnishings in guest rooms, common areas, bathrooms and food service areas, ensuring a high level of cleanliness and guest satisfaction.

  • Commercial Kitchen 2
  • Sink Stainless Steel
  • Kitchen cleaning 1
  • Elevator 1
  • Bathroom 2193 1920
  • Gym dumbbells in sport center with sportsman training 2023 11 27 05 36 02 utc
Case/Pack 6
Canister Width 4.75"
Canister Height 8.75"
Weight 1.85 lbs
pH 7 - 8
Heated Freight Yes
Fragrance Lime, Citrus
Shelf Life 1 Year

Stainless Steel Wipes

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