Case Study: Airport

Date: June 3rd, 2020

The History

The airport has stated that their current spray and wipe process is tedious and time consuming. The janitorial staff have noticed that more chemical is being used than what is actually needed and that vital areas can be missed if productivity needs to be reduced in order to make room for other tasks. By considering Dustbane’s solutions, they’re hoping to create more cost-friendly results that will be less labour-intensive and allow employees to distribute their time evenly.


The airport has to block off sites to allow cleaners to effectively disinfect and wait for surfaces to dry. Staff feel like their program is reflecting poorly on their environmental footprint by using products that have harsh chemical scents, but are also concerned that using more environmentally conscious chemicals won’t disinfect as effectively.

What We Need To Do

Provide the airport with sustainable solutions that are effective and that can increase their productivity. By showcasing the benefits of using a concentrated chemical such as Oxy-Q, the airport is then presented with cost-savings from less SKUs than they had before.

The Success

The airport saw tremendous time-savings by switching from manual disinfection to using the Victory Electrostatic Sprayer. Where they would normally disinfect each luggage cart one at a time, they were able to utilize Victory’s optimal coverage to disinfect up to 100 carts at one time by lining them up and spraying the solution while they walk. Doing the terminal took only 3 minutes to clean, which saved over 25 minutes of manual disinfection. Giving passengers peace of mind brought positive reactions and reviews regarding the cleanliness of the airport.

The Results

  • Cleaning and disinfection time drops by more than 75%
  • Luggage carts that can be cleaned at one time increases from 1 to 100
  • Concentrated chemical allows for less skus
  • Moved to more sustainable solutions

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