Case Study: Education Floor Care Program

Date: September 25th, 2023

The History

Dustbane and our distribution partner have initiated a pilot project in collaboration with the School district this year. We have identified several schools that were not purchasing products through the Government contract due to factors such as local distributor preferences and brand name considerations.

The main objective of this project is to ensure consistent chemical products across all schools within the district, by encouraging them to purchase from our partner who has been awarded the contract. By supporting this established contract, we are committed to providing reliable and sustainable solutions for the school district.

Our first step was to evaluate the condition of their Floor Care Program in many schools. There were numerous schools that were not properly stripped in 10-15 years.

Our immediate observation was that the contracted floor stripper (Dynamite) was inadequate for the task. Unfortunately, it did not meet the sustainability goals as it was not an Ecologo approved product. Moreover, the use of this product would lead to increased consumption and labour.

Additionally, due to the increased labour and summer vacations, the schools would not receive the proper stripping and finishing they require.


Embracing change and sustainability, the custodial teams had been using a powerful solvent- based product for years. However, in a time of limited resources, they were doubtful if the Ecologo Stripper (Time Out Plus) could deliver the same results while saving on much-needed labour.

Accustomed to their long-time vendor, they hesitated to try something new. But the solution was right in front of them, waiting to be proven.

What We Need To Do

We did a demonstration at the schools, we compared the effectiveness of a Green Certified Stripper, Time Out Plus, against Dynamite without a contract. The results were clear - Time Out Plus outperformed Dynamite at a dilution ratio of 1:10 compared to 1:4. Not only did it save on labor, but it also covered more area.

To ensure we provide the most cost-effective solution, we conducted a thorough cost analysis based on dilution rates. The results showed that using Time Out Plus was a more affordable option, especially for schools dealing with multiple layers of floor finish.

Moreover, the Time Out Plus product aligns perfectly with their sustainability program. Time Out Plus it is certified as a Ecologo green product.

The Success

Our solution provides clarity and effectiveness. Not only does it enhance the user experience for custodial teams, but it also offers the added benefit of being scent-free, eliminating any

unpleasant fumes. As a result, we have implemented a comprehensive program across the entire School District, ensuring all products have safety features and clear instructions. The teams are delighted with the outcomes, and the school board is also pleased with the cost savings. This not only leads to a more sustainable solution, but also reduces the number of vendors, promotes contract compliance, and establishes a reliable partnership that truly lives up to its promises.

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