Case Study: School

Date: July 5th, 2021

The History

Limiting the bacteria and viruses in schools is of utmost importance. With so many staff and students coming in and out, the risk for contracting illnesses is much higher than other facilities. This school needed to find a way to reduce those risks without compromising extra spend or labour.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the janitorial staff were tasked to do more thorough cleaning but with no extra helping hands and a strict budget. They were concerned about cleaning areas that were most critical for keeping kids safe and were desperate to find a solution that addressed their enhanced cleaning needs without using harsh chemistry. The Dustbane team identified chemicals from 5 different vendors that the school was using with improper labelling or that didn’t meet current GHS/WHMIS regulations. After Dustbane’s’ assessment, it was clear that the school needed a customized solution that would reduce their labour when it comes to cleaning so they could increase their focus on disinfection.

What We Need To Do

By showcasing the value that an auto-scrubber can bring to the school, they will benefit from increased productivity, as well as a more sanitary option than spreading bacteria from room to room with a mop. The Dustbane team will need to provide the school with thorough training so there is always reliable personnel available. The school also demonstrated interest in electrostatic technology as a way to get more cleaning done in less time, making the Victory Sprayers the perfect solution.

The Success

The school has seen an overall annual savings of up to $3,330 on their chemical program and $11,900 on their equipment. They’re now using ECOLOGO® Certified products to reduce their environmental impact and clean surfaces with safer ingredients. By moving over to the Micro-5, they’re able to wash floors twice as fast as a mop and bucket, while also ensuring clean water is being used instead of picking up floor debris and spreading it around. More effective methods of cleaning have been implemented. Overall, they now have more sustainable solutions in place that will be safer for both the custodial employees, as well as all personnel in the school.

The Results

  • Consistent cleaning program has increased their productivity
  • Cost-savings of up to $15,230
  • Less storage space required
  • Moved to more sustainable solutions

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