Ready-to-Use Wipes for Quick and Easy Cleaning


Convenient and easy to use. Simply grab, wipe and toss!

Why Use Wipes?

Studies have shown that using wipes leads to rapid cleaning and disinfecting while encouraging non-custodial workers to do quick, on-the-go spot cleaning, and even has potential cost savings.

Wipes are always diluted to the proper concentration, so users don’t need to worry about transporting, storing and diluting concentrated chemicals. Using chemicals in their concentrated form without proper training can lead to waste and costly mistakes.

Who Should Use Wipes?

Having wipes readily available allows custodial and non-custodial workers to clean small spills and their own work area. They will be encouraged to wipe surfaces throughout the day, maintaining a sanitary environment, beneficial to all. Wipes help convey the message that maintaining cleanliness is everyone's job.

A Fabric That Complements The Chemistry

The fabric selected for wipes not only efficiently absorbs the formula, but releases it from the wipe, when in use, so the formula can do the work intended. The wipes are strong, durable, and resilient while being safe to handle. They are designed to capture dirt, grease, and soils without smearing them. Dustbane’s Triple Action Multi wipes are made of a blend of fibres. The combination of fabric and chemicals allow for optimum cleaning.

Where To Use Wipes?

Wipes have almost endless applications, from sinks and counters to greasy tools and kitchens. Here are a few areas where wipes can easily be integrated into a daily cleaning schedule.

  • High Touch Areas: Cleaning high touch areas such as keyboards, phones, and light switches, especially during cold and flu season, helps stop the spread of germs and bacteria. A well-placed wipe will encourage people to periodically clean these areas.
  • Bathrooms: Disinfectant wipes are a great alternative to traditional spray and wipe cleaning in the bathroom, as they reduce the risk of cross-contamination as well as the need to clean dirty cloths.
  • Hospitals: Disinfectant and general purpose wipes can be used to clean and maintain many areas in the hospital including patient rooms, elevators, railings, etc.
  • Food Establishments: Wipes can be used on surfaces that come into contact with food, such as prep areas and dining tables.
  • More: Wipes are a great solution for almost any surface that comes in contact with dirt, grease, and soils. They are a grab and go, low-cost cleaning solution.

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