Sweeping Compound Gets a Greener Footprint

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Dustbane Sweeping Compound gets a greener footprint, and a new dual purpose container.

At Dustbane, we are always looking to enhance our products in ways that improve our environmental impact, improve product performance, and improve the customer's experience. To that end, we are introducing a new container for our Dustbane Sweeping Compound in both the 100 kg and 135 kg sizes.

We have partnered with an Ontario company to manufacture these containers for Dustbane. They are made of recycled plastic from Ontario’s Blue Box Program. Once empty, the container is also a very useful waste receptacle or storage container for our customers. What better way to recycle our plastic than to convert it into something that further collects waste!

Did we mention our new container is also recyclable? Just cut it up and recycle it with your local municipality. Maybe it will become a Dustbane Sweeping Compound container once again!

Sweeping Compound
Dustbane containers are made of recycled plastic from Ontario’s Blue Box Program.

Why should you use Dustbane’s Sweeping Compound?

Sweeping Compound has been our signature product since early 1908. Its efficiency has allowed it to withstand the test of time. Sweeping Compound prevents dust and dirt from becoming airborne and resettling when sweeping. Using it before sweeping begins eliminates this problem. Sweeping Compound works by trapping dust particles and dirt so they cannot escape until you have a chance to sweep them up. It can also be used to absorb water spills, vomit and other spills.

How To Use: Sprinkle a thin line of sweeping compound across the starting point of the surface to clean, then sweep. It is not necessary or recommended to cover the entire floor with the compound.

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