Fryer & Griddle

Fryer & Griddle Cleaner


Quickly penetrates and emulsifies baked on grease, oil and carbon on metal surfaces, leaving behind a clean and odour-free surface.

Approvals & Certifications
  • Cert Kosher
  • Cert Whmis
  • Cert Gf
  • Cert Cfia
  • Made in Ontario logo bilingual
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Format Code
4 L 53895

How To Use

Deep Fryers: Scrape off or hose down to remove excess grease. Fill up to 10 cm (4”) from the top using cold water. Dilute 1:27-1:40 and boil the solution for 30 minutes. Drain and flush off using hot water. Scrub the grease residue while it is still warm. Rinse well with potable water, then wipe dry.

Griddles: Prepare a 1:1 solution and apply liberally using a cloth or brush. Let the solution work for 5-10 minutes; wipe clean using a damp cloth. Rinse well with potable water and wipe dry.

Oven: Preheat oven to 80°C (180°F) then shut-off before applying. Using a brush, apply the concentrate directly to walls, racks, burners and glass. Let work for 5-15 minutes. Stubborn areas may need light rubbing using a soft nylon scrubbing pad. Rinse well with potable water, then wipe dry.


Recommended Dilution Rates

Deep Fryer 1:27 - 1:40
Griddle 1:1
Oven Concentrated

Where To Use

Suitable for cleaning deep fryers, griddles and ovens.

  • Commercial Kitchen 3
  • Commercial Kitchen 2
  • Fryer 1
Colour Colourless
Odour Mild
pH >13.0
Viscosity Not Determined
Solvents No
Phosphates No
Heated Freight Yes
TDG Regulated Yes
Shelf Life Up to 3 years after manufacturing

Fryer & Griddle

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