Handheld Dispenser


Dustbane’s patent pending RiteFlex handheld dispenser offers a portable means of accurately diluting concentrated cleaning products to fill mop buckets, sinks, auto-scrubbers, tanks and other containers. Simply attach the hose to a water source and effortlessly fill mop buckets, sinks, auto-scrubbers, or empty bottles, all without the need to hold the weight of the container. The RiteFlex can be configured to dilute at almost any rate to create a solution for an unlimited amount of cleaning tasks.

Format Code
Unit 51075
Tether Kit 51074

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How To Use

Install metering tip into cap and connect quarter turn end of tether to RiteFlex dispenser. Connect water supply hose of at least 3/8” ID to water inlet quick connect and push quick connect coupler onto inlet of RiteFlex dispenser. Depress trigger to begin dispensing desired concentrate solution; release trigger to stop flow of solution.


Tip Colour Various
Flow Rate 2.2 gpm
Heated Freight No
TDG Regulated No



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