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Are you tired of manually preparing diluted solutions and worrying about chemical carryover between products? Then look no further! Enviroflex system is here with its patented quad diverter valve technology that ensures accurate dilution control for multiple chemicals at different flow rates.

The EnviroFlex Proportioning System is a commercial cleaning solution designed to accurately dilute concentrated cleaning chemicals with water to create ready-to-use cleaning solutions without having to worry about dilution rates on every use. Best for industrial, institutional, and commercial settings where large-scale cleaning operations are required.

So, get rid of the tedious mixing processes and book a SITE SURVEY today to learn if Enviroflex is right for your business!


Format Code
3+1 HSP7983
2+2 HSP7984

How To Use

The EnviroFlex Proportioning System typically consists of a wall-mounted unit that dispenses the appropriate amount of cleaning chemical concentrate into a container or bucket, which is then filled with water to create the desired cleaning solution strength. These systems are designed to be efficient, accurate, and easy to use, helping organizations maintain cleanliness while minimizing waste and cost.

This system can be configured with 2 (1 GPM)+2 (3.5 GPM) or 3 (1 GPM)+1 (3.5 GPM), allowing product and application flexibility and allowing you to customize the system to your needs. And you won't have to worry about dilution rates every time!

Where To Use

The Enviroflex is the perfect fit for customers looking for safe, accurate and cost-effective dispensing of chemicals including commercial buildings, manufacturing, and educational facilities.

  • Industrial factory maufacturing plant
  • Construction
  • Factory3
  • Hospital Hallway 4
  • School 3
  • Food processing
Colour Blue/White
System Quad Dispensing
Flow Rates 1 - 3.5 GPM
Available Dilution Rate Up to 17
Back Flow Preventer E-Gap
Heated Freight No
TDG Regulated No


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