Odour Control Options

Odour management can be a tough task. With the multitude of options to manage odours, it can be overwhelming and confusing to pick the appropriate product for the task.

The first thing to do when tackling odours, is to find the source. There are tools you can use to find the source of the odour, such as a black light with fluorescence contamination. But remember, there are other substances that will react to the light, too. Another great tool is a moisture detector. Once you have found the source, the next step is to clean the surface. If you are unable to remove the majority of the source of the malodorous, odour control products can be used. Many products are available, but what is the difference between an air freshener, an odour counteractant or deodorizer? How do you know which one is best and how do they work? Here’s a quick explanation:

Deodorizer/Air Freshener

A product that “deodorizes” will mask odours but does not cover the odour permanently — it simply adds a good odour to a bad odour or can give a room a fresh scent if odours are not an issue.

Aquascent 5L 51144
Aquascent is a water soluble deodorizer.

Odour Counteractant/Eliminator

These products have an odour counteractant in addition to the fragrance. They neutralize the malodour by breaking down its molecules in the air. An air freshener with odour counteracts is the best solution for a facility with offensive malodours such as smoke and rotting food that should be removed from the air.

Disappear 5L 51014
Disappear is a liquid, multi-purpose, water soluble malodour counteractant that effectively neutralizes a wide range of unpleasant odours.

Enzyme Based

Enzyme based products attack the contamination, creating enzymes that break down odour-causing matter — think of them like little pacmans. These products are ideal for bio-based odour such as urine that comes from naturally occurring bacteria and uric acid crystals. Porous damp surfaces like grout host and trap the bacteria, which feed on urine and consequently release strong odours. Humid conditions or rewetting the surface can reactivate the odours. The only effective way to completely eliminate such odours is to wipe them out at their source. The great benefit of enzyme based products is that they will keep working even after the initial application.

Bio Bac Ii 4L 53762
Bio-Bac II is an eco-friendly enzyme-based cleaner and deodorizer.

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