Water Soluble Deodorizer


Aquascent's advanced technology utilizes premium natural fragrance oils, and unprecedented residual performance to give your "clean image" a refreshing boost. Ideal to eliminate chemical smells commonly found in cleaning solutions. It can be used both as an air freshener or as an additive in your cleaning solution.

Also available in a 1L ready-to-use format.

Approvals & Certifications
  • Cert Kosher
  • Cert Gf
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Format Code
5 L 51144

How To Use

Additive to cleaning solution: Dilute according to the dilution rates listed on the label. Add to your cleaning solution, carpet extractor, mop water or hard surface cleaner.

Air freshener: Using a spray bottle, spray upwards into the centre of the room with a slow sweeping motion, paying special attention to odour producing areas.

Recommended Dilution Rates

General Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning 1:80 - 1:160
Room Deodorizing 1:10

Where To Use

Use anywhere malodours are a concern.

  • Carpet 2
  • Floor Cleaning 4
  • Washroom 2
Colour Green
Odour Fruity
pH 6.5 - 7.2
Viscosity Not Determined
Solvents No
Phosphates No
Heated Freight Yes
TDG Regulated No
Shelf Life Up to 3 years after manufacturing


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