Water Soluble Deodorizer


Aquascent's advanced technology utilizes premium natural fragrance oils, and unprecedented residual performance to give your "clean image" a refreshing boost. Ideal to eliminate chemical smells commonly found in cleaning solutions. It can be used both as an air freshener or additive in your cleaning solution.

Approvals & Certifications
  • Cert Kosher
  • Cert Gf
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Format Code
5 L 51144

How To Use

Additive to cleaning solution: Dilute according to the dilution rates listed on the label. Add to your cleaning solution, carpet extractor, mop water or hard surface cleaner.

Air freshener: Using a spray bottle, spray upwards into the centre of the room with a slow sweeping motion, paying special attention to odour producing areas.

Recommended Dilution Rates

General Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning 1:80 - 1:160
Room Deodorizing 1:10

Where To Use

Use anywhere malodours are a concern.

  • Carpet 2
  • Floor Cleaning 4
  • Washroom 2
Colour Green
Odour Fruity
pH 6.5 - 7.2
Viscosity Not Determined
Solvents No
Phosphates No
Heated Freight Yes
TDG Regulated No
Shelf Life Up to 3 years after manufacturing


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