Proper Maintenance of Men's Public Washroom

Mens Restroom

Our senses are always on alert. The first impression we get of any environment is often the most important one. Visible cleanliness and a pleasant fresh smell go a long way in creating a positive impression in restrooms.

Proper washroom maintenance is an important part of daily cleaning procedures.

Respondents of a recent survey said they believed “bad” washrooms — those with bad smells, clogged or un-flushed toilets and dirty, unkempt or old fixtures — equated to bad management. And at least 93% of respondents believed the condition of a workplace washroom to be an indicator of how a company values its workforce. This response clearly indicates that the cleanliness of a washroom directly impacts all direct and indirect users, including building managers and companies located within the same building.

​Urine Odour and Stains

In the men’s washroom, urine odours and stains need to be addressed to maintain a clean and sanitized environment. The use of a urinal screen is your best tool to prevent urine splash back, that causes stains. 

Urine contains uric acid crystals, which can be removed by using an enzyme or bacillus based cleaning product. The removal of fresh urine is the first step in keeping unwanted stains and odours at bay. Long-term urine exposure can actually "burn" the dyes in grout, even the deepest cleaning cannot reverse the damage once it has occurred. 

What is a bacillus Cleaner? 

It is a “people friendly” bacteria with a blend of surfactant and bio-cleaning agents (bacillus) that provide a revolutionary cleaning solution. They attack the contamination, creating enzymes that break down odour-causing matter — think of them like little pacmans. Bacillus cleaners are an ideal choice for hard surfaces where organic soils accumulate.

5 Key Maintenance Areas

By targeting these 5 areas, you can maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your washroom facilities.

  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner: Keep all hard surfaces clean.
  • Glass and Chrome Cleaner: Keep your mirrors, chrome and stainless steel sparkling clean and streak free.
  • Hand Cleaner: Hygienic hand washing practice is encouraged by the use of soap dispensers.
  • Urinal Screens: The use of urinal screens eliminates odour, splash back and bacteria.
  • Air Renewal System: An air renewal system will neutralize airborne odours throughout the room.

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