Case Study: Property Management

Date: September 9th, 2020

The History

This property management company has never had a structured cleaning program in place. They’ve ended up using ineffective chemicals or leftover chemicals from tenants who’ve moved out. Because of this, strict safety measures aren’t being put in place. They’ve also had to spend their company time running out to local retailers and purchasing retail products for commercial buildings, meaning they’re continuously running out of product and opt for the nearest and cheapest options.


This property management company was used to the idea of using scrap chemical products from past tenants, or sticking with inexpensive retail options. While the products they were using might have attractive numbers on their price tags, the Dustbane solution is even more affordable for what they're trying to achieve. Conducting a Site Survey is vital to building a custom cleaning program that takes into account labour fees, chemical usage, long-term goals, and training staff.

What We Need To Do

The company is hoping to reduce their environmental impact, and by their willingness to dilute chemicals, they are eligible for our Buy 1 | We Plant 1 program. The Dustbane team will provide them with adequate training and make ourselves available in the future should they need help onboarding new employees.

The Success

The company has seen an overall annual savings of up to $25,000, and they always feel like they have product available to them so there’s no more running out to get product on short notice. They can use their new savings and availability in other areas of the property management buildings. Better yet, they’re proud to mention that their new cleaning program alone plants 287 trees a year as part of Dustbane’s Buy 1 | We Plant 1 program. As a bonus factor, now that they have a consistent standardized program in place, they’ve drastically reduced their plastic waste and have more room in their storage closets for organization.

The Results

  • Consistent cleaning program has increased their productivity
  • Cost-savings of up to $25,000
  • Less storage space required
  • Moved to more sustainable solutions

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