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Commercial Hurricane Series

The Commercial Hurricane Series is the most versatile scrubber category. Ideal for schools, shopping centres, small industrial settings, community centres, and contract cleaners. Their incredible compact size, large capacity, and ease of use offer high productivity and performance with very little training. Our auto-scrubbers are a budget-friendly solution that offer high reliability, and exceptional productivity with very low maintenance.

Hurricane 400 XTT

20" Walk Behind Scrubber

Hurricane 510 XTT

20" Walk Behind Scrubber

Hurricane 700 XTT

28" Walk Behind Scrubber

Hurricane 850 XTT

32" Walk Behind Scrubber

Hurricane 890 XTT

28" Ride-On Scrubber

Hurricane Rally 21"

21" MicroRider Scrubber

Hurricane Rally 24"

24" MicroRider Scrubber

Hurricane Rally 28"

28" MicroRider Scrubber