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Specialty Products

Particular situations require special products to complete the cleaning task. Maintaining a pristine environment isn’t subject to how often or thoroughly you clean, but rather the type of products you use. Find an assortment of far-reaching cleaning supplies that go the extra mile to deep clean, restore and prevent mess and imperfections around your business, office or restaurant.

Azure 4L 50201


All-Purpose Surface & Glass Cleaner

Azure 750ml 50202

Azure RTU

All-Purpose Surface & Glass Cleaner

De Foam 5L 53156


Foam Suppressor

Dish Shine 5L 55064

Dish Shine

Liquid Dish Detergent

Dustbane 135Kg 52135


100% Biodegradable Sweeping Compound

Expo 5L 53709


Window & Glass Cleaner

Fryer Griddle 4L 53895

Fryer & Griddle

Fryer & Griddle Cleaner

Hygo H2O 4L 52790

Hygo H₂O

Dust Control Treatment

Magic 5L 53682


Window & Glass Cleaner

Stainless Steel Wipes Open

Stainless Steel Wipes

Water-based Streak-free Polishing

Vayselle 1L 53346


Liquid Dish Cleaner